wildwood chelsea house jonathan charlesWildwood Lamps carry a number of quality product lines, in addition to their own: table and floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces, wall mirrors, wall art, and other decorative accessories crafted in the old world manner and each a beautiful masterpiece of line, form and function.

They offer time honored designs, as well as, new contemporary pieces. Wildwood has teamed with famous brands such as Frederick Cooper, Chelsea House, Tommy Bahama, Bob Timberlake, Jonathan Charles, Decorative Crafts, among others.

Wildwood Lamps and Accents was started in 1960s. Their goals are the same today: to design and create the finest home accessories. The Wildwood designers travel the world searching for exquisite materials of the finest quality and distinction. Each of their lamps are created by hand and embellished with the very finest mountings, beautiful hardware accents and just the right shade for every lighting creation. These lamps are not here today and gone tomorrow, they are a treasure to cherish for many years to come.

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Chelsea House Lampschelsea house lamp 2

The Chelsea House name is one of the most sought after brands in the home décor industry. Like Wildwood, they don’t care about here today, gone tomorrow trends. Their fine quality table lamps and chandeliers, decorative wall art and wall mirrors are inspired by time tested classic style and craftsmanship.

A delightful mix of elegant traditional, coastal, charming vintage, and contemporary provides a blend that satisfies all tastes and room styles. Wildwood welcomed Chelsea House to their family in 2011 and manufacture and distribute the Chelsea House brand of home accessories.

Frederick Cooper LampsFrederick Cooper

Frederick Cooper, the father of this company, was a lamp artist who created his functional artistic masterpieces with a mix of brass, glass, wood and fabric.

Nine decades later the Frederick Cooper company is still creating unique handcrafted ”illuminated art” with metal like nickel, copper, bronze, and brass, ceramic, painted porcelain, and stone including crystal, marble, alabaster and jade.

The styles of their heirloom quality lamps range from new age traditional and transitional to the more artistic styles of Art Deco, Nouveau, cubist, organic, clean and elaborate. There’s a Frederick Cooper design for nearly anyone. Their lamps grace the famous rooms of the White House, luxury resorts and embassies around the world, as well as, rather ordinary homes right next door. Frederick Cooper also joined the Wildwood Family in 2011. Photo: The Lennon Blog – http://blog.lennon.com/?p=470

tommy bahamaTommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama was the brainchild of Tony Margolis, Bob Emfield and their wives in the 1980s. Wishing they never had to leave the beach led to the creation of a character with a year round tropical tan dressed in silk shirts and tailored pants.

Tommy was soon the inspiration for an island lifestyle brand of products ranging from clothing to home furnishings–including lamps. The Tommy Bahama brand is devoted to the tropics and relaxed laid back coastal style, as well as, philanthropic efforts. Since 1996 the company donates a percentage of their sales to breast cancer awareness and many other worthwhile charities.

Coastal style decorating is hot and the forecast is for more of the same. Tommy is ready with table lamps in amazing variations of tropical and beach themes — palm trees, fern patterns, nautical rope styling, netting, shells that brings a taste of the tropics into the homes of the lucky owners. There’s a little Tommy Bahama in all of us.

Bob TimberlakeBob Timberlake

Bob Timberlake is an artist best known for his depiction of the simple life in his native North Carolina and his attention to color and detail in his paintings.

His paintings have captured the hearts of millions of admirers around the world. He was honored by two presidents at the White House and he has won many awards both for his work and his charitable endeavors including the American Forestry Lifetime Award for ”Enhancing Public Appreciation of America’s Natural Resources through Art.”

One of his accomplishments is the creation of his line of lamps that reflect all that he holds dear and all the comforts of home. His lamps are mainly wood in with beautiful lines and the colors of nature, each a work of art. Photo: http://www.hickoryfurniture.com

Jonathan Charlesjonathan charles lighting

Jonathan Charles, otherwise known as Job Sowter, English furniture craftsman and now one of Wildwood’s premier designers of beautiful high end lamps. Attention to detail is the hallmark of his beautifully crafted furniture and his lamps are no less.

The Jonathan Charles lamp collection reflects his magnificent fine antique furniture reproductions — the lines, carvings, finishes, and custom designed hardware — very much carry the mark of his one of a kind masterpieces. A Jonathan Charles lamp, like any of his creations, has a quality that transcends the functional and goes far beyond the merely decorative piece.

To truly appreciate the Jonathan Charles lamps and home accessories one must not only admire the detail but also imagine the hours of craftsmanship that goes in to each one to achieve that level of beauty. A Jonathan Charles product is one of the finest investments you can make for your home.

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